Paciencia y barajar / Formatocomodo

Individual exhibition

Galería Formato Cómodo (Madrid, ES)
June 5th – July 24th 2015

Paciencia y barajar is the García Bello’s first exhibition in Madrid. The show draws a line about his work through his last researches around the individuals and their scale faced with the landscape.

The exhibition title refers to a quote from Don Quixote that Unamuno would gather to talk about his own waiting state, trying to establish a parallelism between the act of shuffling playing cards and the sea waves movement. The patience is the french name of the game of solitaire- understood as a no-action and the shuffling understood as an automatism needed and previous to a order generation.

His work is presently between that expectation and order. It combines the simplification that any idealization requires and a process of formal schematization, but without losing sight of intention to build complex sense structures.