Miradas IV / Centro Torrente Ballester

Curator: David Barro
Alejandra Pombo, Manuel Eirís, Christian García Bello y Damián Ucieda

Centro Torrente Ballester (Ferrol, ES)
June 9th – September 9th 2017

Miradas IV is a project that was born as a memory and as the present, with one eye in the mirror and the other on new objectives, other names and circumstances in other possibilities. The eye in the mirror looks at and evokes the cycle of exhibitions Miradas virxes, which starred part of the exhibition offer of the Centro Torrente Ballester in the early years of the twenty-first century. Today the reality that gave fruit to this group of individual exhibitions is quite different, probably less euphoric, less exciting, but equally as prepared and without a doubt more demanded, while at the same time less supported and with less expectations. Manuel Eirís, Christian García Bello, Alejandra Pombo and Damián Ucieda are some of the most outstanding representatives of this other generation, four new ways of seeing in four small individual shows, intertwined in a collective exhibition.

  • Production: DARDO
  • Photography: White Dog Studio