Lonxe, lonxe (coa sardiña no caxato)

Graphite and oil on wood, spermaceti, beeswax, rosin, shellac, cord, aluminum, and steel
125 x 15 x 6cm


An exvoto is an offering to the divinity in compensation or request for a grace that is deposited in a place of worship. In the popular Catholicism of Galicia, the anthropomorphic and zoomorphic exvotos made of beeswax or breadcrumbs from the Sanctuary of San Andrés de Teixido stand out.

Legend has it that the apostle capsized his wooden boat here and it was turned into rock. According to the song, he had a sardine tied to his belt: O divino Santo André / ten a sardiña no cinto / que lla deu un mariñeiro / que andaba no mar perdido. For this work, the sardine is presented in a mold of spermaceti from the sperm whale, a valuable vernacular material from Galicia’s whaling past.