Lehmann + Silva Gallery (Porto, PT)
02 Apr / 15 May 2022

In spanish seagoing jargon, placing a ship alongside another is called abarloar. The navy dictionaries do not clarify whether the gathered vessels touch each other. At the sea, things do not remain motionless. In this mystery subsists, sensually, the watery, the oscillating and the magnetic.

The architect Juhani Pallasmaa tells us that vision reveals what touch already knows. If the tactile sense is an early-riser compared to the sight sense, can two floating bodies, poised to touch, recognize each other even if their skins are inert? The answer is that physics suspects what the intuition knows. At an atomic level, every contact between surfaces is an interaction between electrons and magnetic fields. At a human level, touching is the way the brain has to interpret this interaction when it is intermediated by the skin.

This exhibition explores the poetic facet of those liminal and tactile tensions that are produced when two bodies come into contact. In the sculptural practice of Garcia Bello, the formalization of those bodies is inspired by the asceticism of the popular tradition and its materialization draws a deep link with the territory and the landscape. A landscape that, when it comes to Galicia and Portugal, it is outlined by a fluctuating, continuous and common horizon: the Atlantic Ocean.

Dinis Santos