Artist and designer from Galicia.
Overthinking about vernacular forms, material poetics, fictional past stories and alternative future landscapes.

Living and working between Barcelona and A Coruña.
Always by the sea.

Ongoing projects

Glosario de Formas de Galicia
A digitized glossary of untold and vernacular forms of Galicia, commented and ordered by municipalities, areas and provinces

Archivo / Formas Inéditas de Galicia
An archive and an Instagram account for sharing examples of  vernacular architecture and traditional forms of Galicia

Seeking refuge
Imagining a new vernacularity through performative sculpture that finds in traditional forms the keys to fictionalize our future landscape
Supported by Ministry of Culture and Sports (ES)

Friccións / in collaboration with Adrián Alonso
A mishmash of utopian strategies to anticipate the challenges of the cities of the future
Supported by the Council of A Coruña (ES)

Current innovation programs

Design Program for Innovation and Sustainability (Galicia, ES)
Fundación DIDAC + Axencia Galega de Innovación / Xunta de Galicia

Innovation Program / Creación dun Monte Soberano (Ares, Galicia, ES)
Fundación Gabeiras + Fundación DIDAC + Axencia Galega de Innovación / Xunta de Galicia

Recent publications

Ed. Fundación DIDAC (2021)