Nothing, quietness, waves

Exterior exposed Iroko wood and white Macael marble plates carved in bas-relief
440x1000x40 cm

From the concept of a dry dock (understood as a space where a boat leaves the sea, climbs a slope, undergoes repair work and is returned to the sea) I am interested in the ideas of ascension/descent, entry/exit, sea/land/sea and, therefore, death/resurrection. In the conceptual development of the work I decided to build an essential dry dock, using the minimum possible elements and eliminating everything that was superfluous. Each of the three structures of the piece consists of two parallel beams resting on another transversal that acts as an altar and generator of unevenness. The scale of each structure is slightly higher than the human scale but deliberately inferior to the naval scale. The trio of structures that make up the piece affects the idea of ​​repetition associated with ritual. The three Iroco wood structures are completed with three Macael white marble plates engraved with three words – nothing, stillness and waves – in reference to a verse from the poem Mares by Juan Ramón Jiménez (1881-1958). The installation is located in a space of the esplanade that allows its orientation to the sunset, allowing also to break obliquely with the orthogonal geometries of the architecture of the walk itself.