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Los tres estanques

Vídeo for Project Moscow.
Video HD – 8′ 26”.


This video is the result of the residence in the Russian capital during Moscow Project, a project carried out by the gallery 9the13 (A Coruña). This video mixes reality and fiction and tells the story of two ponds disappeared at Moscow, near Patriarch’s Pond.

Current exhibitions
Future exhibitions
  • XIII Bienal de Lalín Pintor Laxeiro
    Museo Municipal de Lalín (Pontevedra)
    05/05 - 12/07

  • Miradas
    CTB - Ferrol (A Coruña)
    May 2017

  • Apertura 2017 (Madrid)
    Formato Cómodo
    September 2017

  • Bajo el brazo. Entre la palma de la mano y la axila
    CaixaForum Barcelona
    January 2018

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