Tired distance, veiled threat

Carbonized pine wood; pastel, graphite, bitumen and varnish on paper; coal dust over pine wood, lead
100x70x20 cm

In this piece I use my own scale as a general measure, so that the upper limit of the installation coincides with my own height and this causes that the highest drawing of the couple is placed in front of my own eyes. In the same way, the lead knife rests obliquely at the height of my own hand it and marks a path that ends up hitting a throat. In turn, pine wood is part of the Galician landscape and has a strong relationship with the funerary ritual. Establishing a triad of main materials (wood, paper and lead), the relationship between the elements becomes more dense with the treatment each one receives: the wood is charred, the paper is stuffed and the knife is forged in lead turning it heavy and ductile