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Beneath the Arm: Between the Palm of the Hand and the Armpit

Curator: Ángel Calvo Ulloa
Group exhibition.
CaixaForum (Barcelona).
January 30th – May 20th 2018.


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Ahora no es pretérito todavía

Individual exhibition.
September 14th – November 17th (2017).


Within the programme of APERTURA 2017, Christian García Bello (A Coruña, 1986) will present the exhibition Ahora no es pretérito todavía, his second solo show of at FORMATOCOMODO in which he will present his new works about the individual and its own temporal and spatial scales. The exhibition takes as a starting point the human’s longing for the imperishable, as well as the Philosophical study of time, taken from the Confessions by Saint Augustine of Hippo, putting the human being and its perception at the center of the game board. Thus, García Bello works with concepts such as temperature, conservation and patina of sculptures and drawings, through a strategy that tends to asceticism.

Exhibition leaflet:

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Miradas IV

Centro Torrente Ballester
Ferrol, A Coruña (Spain)
June 9th – September 9th 2017


Miradas IV is a project that was born as a memory and as the present, with one eye in the mirror and the other on new objectives, other names and circumstances in other possibilities. The eye in the mirror looks at and evokes the cycle of exhibitions Miradas virxes, which starred part of the exhibition offer of the Centro Torrente Ballester in the early years of the twenty-first century. Today the reality that gave fruit to this group of individual exhibitions is quite different, probably less euphoric, less exciting, but equally as prepared and without a doubt more demanded, while at the same time less supported and with less expectations. Manuel Eirís, Christian García Bello, Alejandra Pombo and Damián Ucieda are some of the most outstanding representatives of this other generation, four new ways of seeing in four small individual shows, intertwined in a collective exhibition.


Alejandra Pombo, Manuel Eirís, Christian García Bello y Damián Ucieda.


David Barro




Concello de Ferrol


White Dog Studio

As burned blight

Individual exhibition.
CGAC (Santiago de Compostela, España).
March — December 2015


Charcoal and graphite on wood, rope, metal and sackcloth.


Alberto Carton.

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Manuel G. Vicente

Nothing, quietness, waves

440x1000x40 cm
Exterior exposed Iroko wood and white Macael marble plates carved in bas-relief.


Paciencia y barajar

Individual exhibition.
June 5th – July 24th 2015.


Paciencia y barajar is the García Bello’s first exhibition in Madrid. The show draws a line about his work through his last researches around the individuals and their scale faced with the landscape.

The exhibition title refers to a quote from Don Quixote that Unamuno would gather to talk about his own waiting state, trying to establish a parallelism between the act of shuffling playing cards and the sea waves movement. The patience is the french name of the game of solitaire- understood as a no-action and the shuffling understood as an automatism needed and previous to a order generation.

His work is presently between that expectation and order. It combines the simplification that any idealization requires and a process of formal schematization, but without losing sight of intention to build complex sense structures.

Exhibition leaflet:

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García Bello, distancia apasionada · Elena Vozmediano · [El Cultural]

Fugir para lado algum

Group exhibition.
November 28th 2014 — January 10th 2015
Maus Habitos (Porto, Portugal)


Ángela Cuadra
Carlos Maciá
Nacho Martín Silva
Irene de Andrés
Fermín Jiménez Landa
Suso Fandiño
Diego Vites
Christian García Bello
Xurxo Chirro
Black Tulip


Ángel Calvo Ulloa

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Texts: Ángel Calvo Ulloa
Photography: Miguel Calvo

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