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I participate in the exhibition Image fields: Graphic representations of facts and thought along with other authors from the fields of art, science and university research. The exhibition will be shown in the rooms of the first floor of MARCO from June 6th at 8.00 PM.


There has always been a connection between art and knowledge, or scientific knowledge. We cannot forget, for example, the important role perspective played in the Renaissance as a tool for implementing the concept of three-dimensional space. On the other hand, many artists would not refuse being considered creators in the style of Leonardo da Vinci, in as much as being someone who investigates the secrets of nature and records their dynamics. Similar connections between a system of perspective and technical measurement and the sculptural image is found in other moments in cultural history, such as in the birth of photography. Moreover, in our technical modernity we are led to conclude that many of the results and procedures of scientific knowledge largely depend on their display and construction in images. The physical evidence of these experimental process, their tangible experimental evidence, often results in the image. Artistic and scientific creation share the need to obtain graphic and figurative resolution of the events and physical facts of the world.


Ramiro Álvarez Clavero; Alessandro Benedetti; Loreto Blanco Salgueiro; Fernando Casás; María Castellanos Vicente; John Coplans; Román Corbato; Santiago Fraga; Silvia García; Christian García Bello; Fernando García Correa; Fran Herbello e Manuel Sendón; Yolanda Herranz Pascual; Anne Heyvaert; Juan Fernando de Laiglesia; Elena Lapeña; Juan Loeck; Lola Marazuela e Paco Mesa; Juan Carlos Meana; Gonzalo Méndez Martínez e Aida Ovejero; Beatriz Mouriño e Denise McGillicuddy; Arturo Moya; Mónica Ortuzar; Juan J. Pasantes, Concepción Pérez-García e Paloma Morán; Perejaume; Ignacio Pérez-Jofre; Rubén Ramos Balsa; Francisco de Sales Covelo; Carmen Serra Rodríguez; Ana Soler; Jesús S. Troncoso; Grupo de Ecoloxía Pesqueira; Grupo de Investigación XM1; Grupo de Tecnoloxías Multimedia-Centro Tecnolóxico AtlanTIC.


Curator: Alberto Ruiz de Samaniego
Coordination: José Manuel Mouriño


Dates: 6 xuño 2014 – 12 outubro 2014
Production: MARCO, Museo de Arte Contemporánea de Vigo / Proxecto Baliza, Facultade de Belas Artes de Pontevedra, Universidade de Vigo.

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