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On March 6th will be opened my individual exhibition at CGAC (Santiago de Compostela, Spain) titled Como tizón quemado curated by Alberto Carton.

Artist: Christian García Bello
Curator: Alberto Carton
Dates: March 6th – June 14th 2015

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«In Como tizón quemado, Christian García Bello (A Coruña, 1986) streamlines his creative process towards the contained convincing nature of the gesture and the uncompromising severity of a character in a state of specific and positively radical evasion. This evasion is loyalty to oneself, the finding of the temporal striving and stratifying itself upwards; and it is an attribute of transcendent individuality that, as well as the integrity required, is also a product of inflexion and reflection and its transformation into an object: three-dimensional materiality, unequivocal and, lesser still, derivative and desinential, in which to shelter, find and relaunch oneself. The non-trivial complexion of the site-specific installation establishes a logical unity with space (void, light and certain apparent perspectives) which characterises the surrounding environment, and twists it in a succession of states of vertical and horizontal tautness, harking back to a pure and reasoned geometry. And the use of wood, graphic, cord, gives texture to such a primary, insistent and focal frame, the affirmation of man’s inviolability and substantive uniqueness.»

Complete curatorial text by Alberto Cartón (Spanish): +

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